Frequently Asked Questions - Open an account

FAQs - Open an account

You can do it on-line : fill in the application form - 

You can contact us via telephone number +2699105078 and +27110839645,

skype or

e-mails.And our friendly managers will help you. Or you can also contact us via our agents in different points of the world.  All you need is to fill in the form and download the copy of your passport or ID, issued within 3 months.

We require a copy of passport/other ID document

If you dont have an offshore company, than we can help you to open one for the very reasonable price.

Yes, there is a fee for registering for a DWC Bank Account. For information about the fees and charges please click here.

You will have your account number right after you gave all data required. As soon as we have copy of passport/company documents we will send to you details for your account.

We will open your account as soon as the registration process is completed - when we receive your funds and signed documents.

Please send us an account closure request, which should contain your original signature along with your personal details (e.g. account number and ID and contact number) and settlement details. The account closure procedure takes

  • 3 days for a personal current account;
  • 10 days for a corporate current account;
  • 30 days for a debit card account.

 Your account will be charged the account closure fee (EUR 200) as well as applicable transfer fees and the remaining balance will be transferred to the bank account stipulated by you in settlement details upon the expiration of the  closure period.

No we don’t have any difference in price between the private and corporate accounts  

There is no minimum balance. We recommend keeping some balance for recovering monthly fee. If balance goes in red, account will be closed.