To store your business income separately from personal or other types of profit, it is necessary to open a stand-alone bank account – this is not dependent on the nature of your business. A bank account on behalf of the business makes transactions legitimate.

Having an account in the name of a company rather than in your own name lets you keep your offshore banking even more anonymous and confidential. Your funds on the company’s bank account are legally separate from you. Thus you build another layer of asset protection.

Corporate bank accounts have some requirements, yet provide more features and have fewer restrictions.

A business or corporate bank account can be created for any kind of business organization, including a Corporation (Corp), Limited Company (Ltd), International Business Company (IBC) or any kind of partnership.

Delta West Credit Bank offers solutions for your business and its financial needs.

Delta West Credit Bank Corporate Account is an account where you can deposit your corporate earnings and use it as you wish. You can benefit from various banking services from this account.

Advantages of our Corporate Bank Account include:

  • You can order transfers, payments, corporate invoice payments, withdraw cash, do investments.
  • Our bank accounts can receive higher interest rates on deposits than many domestic banks offer.
  • We can offer people access to jurisdiction with stronger economies and stable political environment. This can be beneficial if a resident is in a more unstable market where domestic banking is not as strong.
  • You can open a bank account without having to visit the bank.

We will provide you with:

  • Preliminary consultation on opening of account, bank services, fees and charges.
  • Assistance with preparation of the documents and application forms for account opening.
  • Obtaining a pre-approval from the bank an account opening, if required.
  • Guidance through the account opening process, mediation and communication until you are assigned a bank account number.
  • Fast opening offshore bank account.
  • Online banking service to monitor bank accounts and to send international transfers. Online banking gives you access to your business account online, anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect way to do your banking.
  • The bank offers accounts catering to multiple currencies, giving you the freedom to trade in any market you wish.

Find out how Delta West Credit Bank corporate account can keep you in complete control of your corporate money, wherever you are in the world.



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