About Bank

1. What kind of services do you offer?

Currently we offer to our customers account opening based on the competitive conditions. Our services includes the following types of accounts:

- Personal account

- Corporate account

2. Why Delta West Credit Bank?

Clear and simple procedure of account opening.

  • Bank account will be opened in 24 hours;
  • There is no need of presence of Customer to open account;
  • Tax efficient way of controlling your funds

High level of privacy and confidentiality

  • Personal 24 hours control of the funds over the online banking system
  • Available any minute
  • Internationally recognized and accepted Cirrus / Maestro Debit

Advanced level of customer services.

  • Consolidation of personal manager to each customer
  • 24/7 connection with our clients

Reasonable and competitive price for services

  • We offer spesific system of befits to our agents
3. Whom are you regulated by?

Our bank situated and legally registered in Comoros islands and has a 6 years' experience of working under the jurisdiction of Comoras islands. We guarantee total security and confidentiality of the information that our clients rely on us. Our license was given and approved by MISA (Mwali International Services Authority) It follows that our customers are always able to check its availability on the web – site www.mwaliregistrar.com.

4. What security measures do you use?

The security sysrem of DWC bank is a completed multi – layed system that consists of thousands steps, however, the most important of them are the wide usage of encryption system to maintain the integrity of account information. It is highly important to underline that the spesific mathematical encryption was developed by DWC Bank specialists, this proprietary protection algorithms are not exposed to cyber attack and viruses. It means that any peace of information cannot be read by unauthorized parties. The data might be corrected only by authorized user and controlled by our employees.

The procedure of account opening

How can I open the account?

There are two possible ways of establishing bank account at Delta West Credit Bank:

a) Fill the application form on our web – site. Please, follow the link

b) Contact our managers directly via telephone or skype.

  • +27110838770 and +27110839645
  • DeltaWestcb
What documents should I provide?

1. Filled application form;

2. Company incorporation documents

  • memorandum,
  • utility bill,
  • license,
  • business plan,
  • certification about registration)

3. Verified passport copy

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

There is no any hidden fees appearing while the process of collaboration. Our clients pays only fix account opening fee. For information about the fees and charges please click here.

How long the procedure of account takes?

As soon as you provide us with all the required documents the procedure of account opening will begin. We will open account in 24 hours after obtaining the full package of documents.

When I can start using my account?

You will be able to begin the usage of your account immediately after completing all the opening procedure - when we receive your funds and all signed documents. You will obtain from your personal manager the instructions and details of using online banking.

What if I need to close my account?

Please send us an account closure request, which should contain your original signature along with your personal details (e.g. account number and ID and contact number) and settlement details. The account closure procedure takes

  • 3 days for a personal current account;
  • 10 days for a corporate current account;
  • 30 days for a debit card account.

Your account will be charged the account closure fee (EUR 300) as well as applicable transfer fees and the remaining balance will be transferred to the bank account stipulated by you in settlement details upon the expiration of the closure period.



Tel. +27110838770

Because of Comores unreliable phone lines
is advised to contact representative office


25 Bank street, office 755B
1 Canada Square
Canary Wharf, London
E14 5AB, U.K
Working hours:
10.00 am - 3.00 pm C.E.T (Central European Time)